Saturday, May 31, 2008

be who you are...

... say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Dr Suess

they are my family... i grew up with them, loved them, irritated them and moved far away from them. but none the less, they are my family. when i saw them over the long weekend, i felt found and loved.

of course, dave loves me and i love him right back... of course, jackson and ryan love me, and my heart bursts for them... of course, my mom and dad love me, they have too : )

but to be moved to tears when held by your family--my grandma and my aunties and uncles, to whom i was a major pain in the ass--is like the world smiled on me again. i felt valued, and that's kind of overlooked when you're in the middle of nowhere without family to fall back on. so to them i say:

uncle jon-- i love memories of you and listening to KBPI in the blazer!

annie and kaitlyn-- slow down, and remember who was your first visitor in the hospital!

aunt 'chelle-- thanks for recognizing jackson and coming in the front yard to hug me hello!

granny-- i miss you... and that's all i can say about that right now...

mallory-- dave loved you sitting on his lap, telling me he was your boyfriend! i "love" that i got to see you for about 30 seconds all WEEKEND!

daniel-- we love ali, and the boys have taught all of their friends how to play jungle-ball and that a real water fights require ice water!

aunt suzie and uncle dan-- we love that we were your first house guests! you were better than any bed and breakfast in the world! plus, what B&B, takes you shopping too? it was a sweet set-up, and can't wait to come back!

i love you all!
ps: i'm going to post the other pictures... soon...

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