Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what do you mean...

it's too cold for school today!
it's too cold to go to the library!
the boys and i cannot believe that when the temperature drops to 10 below, the city of idaho falls doesn't close up for a jammies and hot chocolate day! what does it take to get all-over snow day!?

Monday, January 19, 2009

last friday, ryan's 3rd grade class presented "the electric cat"
this brief musical is about a cat who was scared into a tree by thunder and lightning... and no amount of coaxing (or singing) will help the cat to come out of the tree.

ryan was the narrator, (or nair-wait-er, as he kept saying)and was obviously pleased to be on the side--away from the action. he was not at all interested in singing the songs or doing the hand motions. for being such a charmer, he's remarkably shy in front of a group... but, i warble like a dying emu and have the rhythm of a flock of cats--i don't sing and dance either. so i could forgive him that, but not the smirks and/or glares from him as i pointed the camera phone on him! he forgets i'm his mom, and i have the right to take as many pictures as i want!

it's so fun to watch the guys grow and do stuff like this. how many more times will i get to see him and his pals put on a musical? i figure there are about 3 more years of forced elementary preformances...

...these times as fleeting!!
so smile, ryan, and let me enjoy these things while i can!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


upon further introspection about the whole facebook thing... and i'm thinkin' i might have been a bit harsh with my judgement...
... so thank you to all of you who read this, and to you those of who are my friends on facebook!
i must be jonesin' for my sweetie, because i've been in a foul mood for days and snarking at everyone... or maybe in in the middle of january i'm already sick of winter, and arizona is 10 weeks away! oh my...

Monday, January 12, 2009

time suckage

a.k.a. facebook

okay, so i have been on facebook since may of 2007--right after my cousin told me i could find him and his sister there... i set up the thing, and never looked at it again.

then at the Gator Bowl (GO BIG RED!!), my new pals said that i could find them there at facebook too, so i go back into facebook and BAM! i'm totally sucked in and, frankly, kinda freaked out by it...

... why freaked out? how to say this? is it that i sometimes suffer from my gnat-sized self-esteem when dealing with the past? is it that i have a difficulty trusting people? is it time {at 36 years old} to let go of some of this baggage? there are people who are wanting to be my "friends" with me, who i can't recall wanting to be my friends so many years ago... and i question it. i'm thoughts lean toward the task of accumulating as many "friends" as possible on facebook, thus making you super-popular. ooh, that was a little catty--i didn't mean it that way... but see?! i'm like regressing into a snotty teenager... why does any of this matter? why do i over-obsess about stupid shit like this? however, i want to say this: i really am glad to see so many people who i have adored and sadly have lost contact with over the years. so, it is good and fun--apparently, i have issues to work thru!

okay, back to the land of grown-ups... we, the boys and i, have finished some of our Christmas cards this weekend! only about a month late, and we pared the list way down--mostly thank you cards at this point. i don't know where the time went! december was a blur--but a very nice blur.

so, i while i was missing dave this week (he's in lubbock for the month), i was thinking about this trip to jackson last labor day. i told everyone that this was going to be the trip where we saw a moose; and when i saw the moose, i was going to put my arm him and get my picture taken with him!

well, this is not quite what i had in mind. but it was so cute that this moose was wandering around the square giving hugs and taking pictures.

anyway, here we are, all together... good times!

** just a few more questions plaguing my thoughts tonight...
1- why doesn't denver lutheran high school have a logo? i did spend 1.5 semesters there as well as 1.5 semesters at AHS... altho i think the time actually spent at DLS far exceeds the time at AHS
2- when did arvada high school change their mascot to a dog? it was the "redskins" forever! then i knew they did something like the "reds"... whatever?

now, i have to thank you for listening to me ramble tonight...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

not entirely...

al·tru·ism: \ˈal-trü-ˌi-zəm\ : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

when my sweet baby mentioned something about kind of wanting to go to the gator bowl, my mind did that leaping ADD thing that it does...

nebraska football... gator bowl... gator like alligators... florida...in january...where in florida?... where is jacksonville?... up the road from st augustine... lighthouse in st augustine... beaches... oh, we're so going... good wife... yes, good wife... football game, okay...

and so with a few quick clicks, we were off to florida to see the cornhuskers play some other team (?) in the gator bowl, and i was indeed a pretty good wife.

and altho the game was way more fun than i even imagined--who knew? i can't wait to go to another bowl game; and i now know that we played the C-L-E-M-S-O---N tigers, and that clemson is in south carolina; and that a team get's 4 tries to move 10 yards down the field... and that we got to see a lighthouse--a pretty famous lighthouse. the st. augustine lighthouse was built in 1824 in the nation's oldest city... you can read all about it here, and we climbed to the top...

and that we got to play in the ocean, hang out on the seashell beach, and see dolphins flip around...

... the very best part of this trip, which is totally anti-altruistic, was that i had dave all to myself for 4 days!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Christmas here was awesome...

we are very blessed with our great family and friends.

and we have been enjoying the snow to the fullest...

but i have to say that our trip to florida just was the best!

look at all of the RED!

we had clemson fans all around us, but it turned out ok because we had the best clemson fans in front of us and we had most fun with them (HEY! beth and delana!) and they were even pretty cool when the Huskers actually pulled it together and WON THE GAME!

happy new year to you

and good things to you in 2009!!

(more about the trip... i.e. the lighthouse and beach)