Monday, January 19, 2009

last friday, ryan's 3rd grade class presented "the electric cat"
this brief musical is about a cat who was scared into a tree by thunder and lightning... and no amount of coaxing (or singing) will help the cat to come out of the tree.

ryan was the narrator, (or nair-wait-er, as he kept saying)and was obviously pleased to be on the side--away from the action. he was not at all interested in singing the songs or doing the hand motions. for being such a charmer, he's remarkably shy in front of a group... but, i warble like a dying emu and have the rhythm of a flock of cats--i don't sing and dance either. so i could forgive him that, but not the smirks and/or glares from him as i pointed the camera phone on him! he forgets i'm his mom, and i have the right to take as many pictures as i want!

it's so fun to watch the guys grow and do stuff like this. how many more times will i get to see him and his pals put on a musical? i figure there are about 3 more years of forced elementary preformances...

...these times as fleeting!!
so smile, ryan, and let me enjoy these things while i can!

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