Monday, January 12, 2009

time suckage

a.k.a. facebook

okay, so i have been on facebook since may of 2007--right after my cousin told me i could find him and his sister there... i set up the thing, and never looked at it again.

then at the Gator Bowl (GO BIG RED!!), my new pals said that i could find them there at facebook too, so i go back into facebook and BAM! i'm totally sucked in and, frankly, kinda freaked out by it...

... why freaked out? how to say this? is it that i sometimes suffer from my gnat-sized self-esteem when dealing with the past? is it that i have a difficulty trusting people? is it time {at 36 years old} to let go of some of this baggage? there are people who are wanting to be my "friends" with me, who i can't recall wanting to be my friends so many years ago... and i question it. i'm thoughts lean toward the task of accumulating as many "friends" as possible on facebook, thus making you super-popular. ooh, that was a little catty--i didn't mean it that way... but see?! i'm like regressing into a snotty teenager... why does any of this matter? why do i over-obsess about stupid shit like this? however, i want to say this: i really am glad to see so many people who i have adored and sadly have lost contact with over the years. so, it is good and fun--apparently, i have issues to work thru!

okay, back to the land of grown-ups... we, the boys and i, have finished some of our Christmas cards this weekend! only about a month late, and we pared the list way down--mostly thank you cards at this point. i don't know where the time went! december was a blur--but a very nice blur.

so, i while i was missing dave this week (he's in lubbock for the month), i was thinking about this trip to jackson last labor day. i told everyone that this was going to be the trip where we saw a moose; and when i saw the moose, i was going to put my arm him and get my picture taken with him!

well, this is not quite what i had in mind. but it was so cute that this moose was wandering around the square giving hugs and taking pictures.

anyway, here we are, all together... good times!

** just a few more questions plaguing my thoughts tonight...
1- why doesn't denver lutheran high school have a logo? i did spend 1.5 semesters there as well as 1.5 semesters at AHS... altho i think the time actually spent at DLS far exceeds the time at AHS
2- when did arvada high school change their mascot to a dog? it was the "redskins" forever! then i knew they did something like the "reds"... whatever?

now, i have to thank you for listening to me ramble tonight...

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