Sunday, September 27, 2009


ryan and i were driving home from a soccer game the other day, and he starts talking about his halloween costume...
a venti caramel macchiato.

i knew about this idea, and have thought all about the papier-mache and chicken coop construction... but i wasn't prepared for this conversation.

ryan: i will need a flap on on my venti cup to get my candy
me: no. you'll be a venti, so your cup will sit on your shoulders with your arms and head out.
ryan: no, no, no... i don't want my head out
me: um... how will you see?
ryan: i'll have little peep-holes
me: i don't think that sounds safe
ryan: i know! with my head in the cup, that will make me vulnerable...
me: um... what?
ryan: i'll be vulnerable for halloween
me: {stunned silence}
ryan: do you get it? vulnerable for halloween... it's ironic
me: um... what?

are they now teaching irony in 4th grade? i learned what irony meant when i saw reality bites 1994... i was 22!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

soccer...'s our game!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


... a retro coleman cooler with a bottle opener handle (said cooler was holding 100 year old whiskey, beer and sandwiches)

... variety of fly-fishing equipment (rods, reels, fly boxes)

... camera (MINE!!)

all items may be found along the shores of the south fork of the snake river, please let us know if you have seen them

things (thankfully) not missing:

dave... and his good fly rod, thank goodness for the lifetime guarantee... oh, and the sun screen and cigars

my dad--with the bum hip... and who is said to be out-fishing the great trout-slayer, but the camera with the proof is sleeping with the fishes*

scott and scott's dad's drift boat... the drift boat that spilled out three of my favorite guys in the world into the river!

and one heck of a fish tale...
one that gets better with each telling

so while i have no camera to document the {big sigh} momentous moments of my childrens' lives, i luckily still have my phone...

pre-soccer game snap in my office


(cute coach, huh?!)

*sleeps with the fishes just like luca brasi