Sunday, September 27, 2009


ryan and i were driving home from a soccer game the other day, and he starts talking about his halloween costume...
a venti caramel macchiato.

i knew about this idea, and have thought all about the papier-mache and chicken coop construction... but i wasn't prepared for this conversation.

ryan: i will need a flap on on my venti cup to get my candy
me: no. you'll be a venti, so your cup will sit on your shoulders with your arms and head out.
ryan: no, no, no... i don't want my head out
me: um... how will you see?
ryan: i'll have little peep-holes
me: i don't think that sounds safe
ryan: i know! with my head in the cup, that will make me vulnerable...
me: um... what?
ryan: i'll be vulnerable for halloween
me: {stunned silence}
ryan: do you get it? vulnerable for halloween... it's ironic
me: um... what?

are they now teaching irony in 4th grade? i learned what irony meant when i saw reality bites 1994... i was 22!!


Rhonda said...

You know what "ironic" is? That Ryan is your son!

Marie said...

I love it. :-)

the hentzen house said...

mom... ironic or pay-back-is-hell?!

Arhonda Bend said...

Funny and cute! :D