Saturday, June 7, 2008

the sushi was intense!

or at least that's what ryan said after he stuffed himself with sushi last night at his birthday party!

he wanted to have a roll for every year of his life... 9 rolls?!

being the buzz kill that i tend to be as his mom, i said: dude, you can have 3 rolls...

he said: i'm nine now, and so half of nine is... um... (he rolls his eyes to right, and contemplates this mathimatical calculation)... almost 5, so i should have five, right?!

i said: three

he said: ... (well, he didn't say anything and just puffed out a big sigh)

i said: sushi is about being with friends and enjoying the taste of your food. not inhaling it as fast as you can

he said: fine, i'll have four

i said: we'll order three and we'll see

well, this is the result of him getting his way and eating a california roll, a caterpillar roll, a humachi and avocado roll, and an italian roll... he was so full he didn't even eat his free cake!

happy birthday, ryan!!

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Meghan said...

happy birthday late! hope you had fun at sushi. where is sushi in if?