Tuesday, May 27, 2008

take me out to the ballgame...

... or how far would you drive for a rockies game?

dave loves the rockies, and has been broken hearted since last october when rock-ober wasn't meant to be. he spent all winter analyzing, reading up on what the off-season predictions would be, and just getting ready for the new season to begin and his team to rock away all of the competition... and we sadly know what's happening there*!

but that's neither here nor there... because whatever the record, we packed up friday morning and drove 10 hours to colorado so we could take dave to the game as an early father's day surprise!

we watched our team win in overtime on friday night, and so we were STOKED for a great game on saturday afternoon... by the time the mets had scored 5 runs on the first inning, ryan was hungry AND thirsty...

we told them they had to wait until the 3rd, which they did pretty well. but at the top of the inning, they were up and ready to go. but this is what ryan does when he's bored--he's a bony-maroni, so don't worry about that--and if you have been on a fishin' boat with our boy, Ryan will clean out a cooler if given enough time!

so no matter how badly the rockies lost the game, or how much money was spent, or how much whining he heard, dave told me that this was about the most perfect day... nothing like being at coor's field with his boys! and he deserved a near perfect day for being such a great dad!

more colorado trip pictures are coming....
*what is going on with the rockies?

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