Thursday, May 22, 2008

happy birthday, papa!

it was my dad's birthday this week...

and i have been searching around the files for a great picture of him with the fella's...

and then it made me think that the best pictures i have of him are the ones i carry around in my heart. when we lived in colorado, he fell off a ladder and was at my mercy for a few weeks--if he wanted to go anywhere, I GOT TO DRIVE HIM! then when he got in the car accident, he was again driven around by me... more of a treat for me than it was for him, i'm sure. it was great because, i knew that i had to have my car clean before he'd get in... so my car was clean! oh, if he could see it now, i'm sure i'd lose driving priviledges.

papa went with us to story times and then out to lunch at village inn or applebees... oh, applebees is where ryan threw up under the table when he was sitting by papa! and what a trooper he was when jackson turned one, and threw up all of the birthday on papa--who didn't throw up right on top of little jacks!

then i also think of the wrestling and pillow fights--he's such a great papa that he lets two little boys throw pillows in nana's living room! i remember every sunday night after dinner and before we went home, there would be mayhem... which usually with ryan getting tickled so much he'd pee his pants. but all three of them had grins from ear to ear.

there were car shows that papa took them to just to see the "cool cars", and they still do that when we're in arizona. they go to the mc-a-donalds on wendesday nights, and there are all of those gray-beards lovin' that two little guys are there to spice up the action. papa took the boys to the ok corral, and started ryan's admiration for doc holiday... and he's never afraid to look that the snakes and creepies that the boys love at the desert museum.

and i also think that jacks loves baseball so much because papa loved playing baseball with him-even when he was a tiny little guy. in 2003, we all spent the afternoon of july 4 at the park playing baseball... no one complained about the heat, we we're having too much fun!

we love you papa, and we can't too see you in
D I S N E Y L A N D ! !

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