Thursday, April 17, 2008

snow and soccer

the sun was shining!

when i got home from great falls, dave and jacks told me they were going fishing on sunday. why they weren't taking ryan is such a point of contention between dave and i... i should be discreet and stop here... whatever! this is the thing our friend has a drift boat big enough for 4 grown men. yet, it only fits two men and two scrawny 10 year olds at certain times. i'm perplexed why it can't hold another skinny 8 year old. dave tells me it's not his boat, and that the kid in question is jackson's friend, and he should be able to have that time with his friend... yada, yada, yada.

when i reread these, it seems like i never listen to dave. that's not true, really. i do listen, but sometimes he drives me crazy when he just can't see that i'm right, he's wrong and he needs to STOP trying to convince me the contrary. pretty simple.

anyway, ryan and i were able walk to the five-and-diner for brunch, ride our bikes to the museum and listen to ziggy and bob with the windows and moon roof open because spring had finally sprung in idaho.

or so we thought {insert ominous music}...

we woke up to snow on wednesday, and i hear that other places in the rocky mountain region did too!

what the hell happened to spring?

the guys were freaking out because wednesday was the first soccer game of the season...

but of course, the snow was blown or melted away by afternoon, and the sun was making a weak appearance.

the game was great! we have some quality players on the team again, and the team is coached by our favorite coach... dad! the first game was a what the coach calls a learning game. the team played well and tied the game.

it also seems that in the 10 year old bracket, we're learning to talk smack. so i heard about all of the insults... oh, the things i do not want to hear!

jackson is in the middle there. with ryan and seth in the background.

seth one of the smith-ibagian kids, who are now like family to us. we hang out so much as families, it's like cory, drew, gabz and seth are the cousins to jackson and ryan... and jacquie and curtis are the cool aunt and uncle who let them eat the sugar their mean mom with-holds from them.

this is ryan, number 2... the kid on the team who confuses the hell out of the the other team!

is that a dude?

no, that's a chick...look at her hair...

how come that team has a girl?

we're totally beating a team with a girl!

dude! that is a dude!

so, again send fast thoughts as we go to boise/nampa for our last swim meet for the season. we're hoping for good times and good times!


Meghan said...

Go Jacks! Go Ryan! See you in 2 months!!!!

scribbler said...

sooo jealous of that snow!