Thursday, April 3, 2008

crazy hair day...

of course, jacks wanted green hair...

but since halloween is is another 6 months away-- and target was out of the interesting hair color-- we were left to resort to leftover orange hair spray from ryan's halloween hair. jacks has got david's thick hair that sticks straight out when we don't want it to, and when we do, it won't! it fought us, so we gobbed on a lot of gel and root lifter! he seemed pleased with this sticky-uppy, orange hair.

however, i just learned that green, turquoise and fuschia hair color products are available at zumiez. i might conveniently forget this nugget for the future crazy hair days... i'm thinking that might be more permanent than i want. i once read that a person should be allow his/her child to have long hair, just not stupid hair. speaking of long hair...

a pony-tail in the back of this head--no even sticking up--is as crazy as ryan gets. he fought me on it, even after i showed him pictures of Becks with his hair pulled back (dontcha just love Becks?!) but once we did pull it back, jacks said something about ryan looking like some star wars guy... the liam neeson jedi guy. so then he agreed to go to school like this. as long as he looked like a jedi, no one would think he was trying to look like a girl.

he is always being mistaken for a girl. but it doesn't seem to phase him at all. one night he and i were on a date and several times in our favorite restaurant, we were addressed as ladies and girls. he just blew it off. i seemed to be more bothered by it, and asked him if maybe he wanted to get a haircut. he just looked up at me , and he said, "no, why? i know i'm a boy!" then he gave me one of these "like, duh, mom..." looks.

you might be wondering why jacks keeps his hair short... he hates his hair in his eyes. he did try to grow it--this is after we came back from california and they both wanted to be surfer-boys like their uncle. but after playing soccer with his hair flipping in his eyes, he was sure that he wanted to get a cut. it was this time that he once, and only once, suggested that maybe he'd keep growing out the back of his hair, and keep the top short.

OH DEAR GOD! does he have any idea what he's saying? no, of course, he doesn't. he doesn't know it took be the better part of six months to convince dave that he wanted to get rid of his god-awful mullet in 1991, and now this child is contemplating repeating that fashion sin! well, i set him straight. i told him that it would be better to keep his hair short, so people didn't think he was ryan, his little brother. he bought it : )

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