Wednesday, June 9, 2010


for some it's summer vacation and for others it's summer semester... for me, it’s school
my first assignment this semester is to introduce myself by using an interface i use a lot... so let's get into it:

i'm jenniffer...

that's right. no mispelling or finger-stutter... there are 2ns and 2fs there. i think it was the only way to make me a little different from the other gazillion jennifer's born in 1972.

i'm wife to dave and momma to jackson and ryan. if you want to know more about that, read down the blog...

i'm the head of adult services for the idaho falls public library--i don't know how i did it, but this is where i am. i love working with people and books... and bringing the two together!

i'm in my 8th semester and my 8th class at sjsu--getting my mlis... i'm contemplating taking two classes in the upcoming fall and spring semesters so i can be done by december 2011... but it sounds a bit daunting!

i'm not a techie, i don't know the names to all of the pieces and parts of the machine. i know how to play with the computer and usually get the results i want... and it pisses me off when it doesn't do what i think it should.

obviously, i blog and facebook, and i'd rather chat, im and text than actually picking up a phone and {gasp} speaking to another person!! i do love people and communicating. however, because i'm on the phone all day (or so it feels) i hate being on the phone when i'm not at work!

i've probably said too much... it's going to be an interesting semester!


SusanC said...

It's lovely to learn a bit about you Jenniffer. I have to admit to reading for a while and not knowing what your first name was until not so long ago. :)

the hentzen house said...

i know... there's this weird anonymity in the blogging world!! are you in class this summer?

Rhonda said...

You "aced" this class, so when will we see something new?? Looking forward to the next adventure of the Hentzens!