Thursday, August 19, 2010

so my mom comments...

... "You "aced" this class, so when will we see something new?? Looking forward to the next adventure of the Hentzens!"

i'd love to say that i've been so busy with school work that i haven't had time for blogging... but it was more that we were lovin' life this summer that i didn't carve out time for this!! and what were we doing? i better start at the beginning...

you know, when you're on a roller coaster, and you're slowly crawling up the first hill? yeah? well, that hill was our june! the boys got out of school, ryan had his birthday, we had soccer practices practically every day and it was still cold around here... but these things were all building up to the peak of our summer--jacks' soccer tournament in FLORIDA!

we flew over night (with a layover in phoenix to get our nana and papa!) and so we woke up in florida... first reaction? ugh... it's hot and why am i all sweaty?! we had a little conversation about humidity--and idaho's lack of it.

but God was good to us, and brought on a couple of cloudy and rainy days to keep us cool at disneyworld and epcot. and ryan says: i like this hot rain! it's the humidity, right?!

as i was saying, june was just the build up to the rest of the summer rushing by us at a frightening speed! we've had a great summer with our family and our friends... many great adventures

yes, mom... more adventure pictures to come!

(did you know that they just let crazy ducks attack you at disneyworld? in front of my kids, no less!)