Monday, June 7, 2010

i'm just a little jealous...

I’m a big fan of lego building, and that was one of the things I was most excited about when I had the little dudes

you know, someone to build stuff with!!

so with the $50 in cash (birthday gift from nana and papa), ryan and jacks set off to toys r us, and returned an hour later with a big lego box and mere coins in his pocket. best part, ryan asked me to help him build his new house!

there’s a little backstory here, when I played with legos, I kept them in ziplock bags according to size and color. I tried to teach the boys this very handy technique hmm it didn’t stick. they have a lego lair of chaos in our basement. I can’t handle the bedlam of not knowing where all of the red pieces are, not to mention to tiny special pieces. so, I don’t play with them. I know it sounds “a bit” anal retentive, but I do enjoy shelving books for a living

anyway, when ryan asked me to play, I started to organize all of his pieces and parts.

he humored me, and thanked me for my help and even kinda agreed that it was handy. but all I could think about was looking for all of these bitty special pieces in the lego lair

so, back to the jealousy

check out the detail of this house!!

lawn mower,

basketball hoops...

it’s awesome!!

kinda like my kid... happy birthday, ry-man!!

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Meghan said...

happy belated birthday ryan!!! love the lego house. and long live sorting things and proper places! xoxo