Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy birthday, jack-inator... part 2

not only did we have a blast sledding the weekend before, we got to celebrate jackson's birthday again --
on the real day!

i think it was the first friday the 13th since he was born 11 years ago! some may say it's bad luck, but not us! we we're blessed early that morning with our sweet jackson henry!

and this year we did it up big at our new red robin and came back home for chocolate-chocolate-chip cake with the house favorite mint chip ice cream... and presents!

we had friends over and dave was home... it was about perfect with the one small exception that my baby was 11!

i don't know where that tiny baby went? or that chunky monkey that helped us welcome home his new baby brother? where is that sweet toddler who used to crawl into my bed every morning to watch clifford the big red dog on pbs? i feel like i just got used to the pre-kindergartner who had a backpack that was practically as big as he was...

and now here he is... in 4th grade , playing all kinds of sports, hanging around with other fellas in the neighborhood, riding bikes and playing catch, you know, just being a kid.

he's growing into a wonderful person who has a kind heart, is helpful and still occasionally crawls in bed with me--only now we watch spongebob!

happy birthday to my beautiful boy!
he got binoculars from jacquie for our rockies spring training games
(too bad we won't be able to see matt holiday play ball)

i call this an "uncle eric smile"...

he may have been tired of smiling, or he was humoring while i made him smile for me instead of opening another present!

and here are my other two favorite guys!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing with me! I can't get enough of those cute boys - all 3 of them!

the hentzen house said...

you might reconsider that in a week! can't wait to see you!! can't wait to be HOT!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Cap. Jack, I hope the vaca is going well. We miss you.