Friday, April 3, 2009

ah... spring break!

we were on vacation to relax...
and so relaxed that very few pictures were taken, but here are some of the good ones

ryan immediately started drawing pictures of nana's cacti

jackson... don't you love those floral shorts with the striped shirt

field trip with papa to see TRAINS!

spring training baseball...

there is nothing better than a minor league field with a major league team! and to catch brad hawpe's foul ball--yep, life is good! sunglasses were a big thing this trip too

whip-tailed lizards were every where at the sonora desert museum... and i managed to stay on the trail on stay off the cacti!

we had a great time!

thanks nana & papa!


Arhonda Bend said...

Great photos and the weather looks terrific!! Pass some of that over this way please! :)

magnumlady said...

lovely photos, it looks like you had a great time.....I love the lizard.