Sunday, February 17, 2008

yea! we're home!

we had a great time and stayed so busy that the week flew by before we knew it! the weather was nice, and we spent a lot of time outside and in the pool. we're blessed that we go to see my parents (who just happen to live in sunny and warm Arizona) for my birthday (which happens to be in a very cold month)! it's just good to be a Hentzen!
the boys...
Ryan, Papa, Dad and Jackson

hiking the Madera Canyon
in the Santa Rita Mountains

Sonora Desert Museum...
more about the sensless act of violence with a teddy bear cholla to come...
cacti and desert vista
the hummingbird pavillion

the hummingbirds were all over jackson--they love red!

@ Papa's workbench
"what can we do with all of this stuff?" asked jackson

"we can create an invention..." ryan said as he began plotting...

jackson going old school...

and chasing away all of the old people with a deck soaking cannonball the pool was a balmy 86 degrees...
okay to be in the water, just a little hard to get out

@ Tumacacori Mission
south of Tubac, Arizona

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