Wednesday, February 27, 2008

annual visit

idaho falls reads... Fahrenheit 451

last year, we started this program like "one book, one community" and "the big read," and ours is funded by IFPL and called idaho falls reads... it's a month-long community book club--we even have banners on 17th street (that is a reference to idaho falls, and that i've been here too long!)--it's kind of a big deal for me and the library.

so, anyway, my point is this: for most of my events, i get to be interviewed on the local station during the lunch-time newscast... when the retired people watch the news. that probably explains why mostly retired people come to the library events! yesterday was my day, if you're interested in watching my nervous, italian hands flutter and me look for a camera to look at during the 120 second interview... check this out:

also, just a little footnote... the book was actually finished in 1953, and written almost entirely on dime-per-hour typewriters at ucla! i really enjoyed the afterword and coda, and i totally appreciate the short-story and sci-fi greatness of mr. bradbury...


Meghan said...

you look so professional on tv in the big city!

Judy said...

We are so proud of you, and how photogenic are you anyway?!
U looked so comfortabel in front of the camera and do not worry about the "hand jive" it only enhanced your presence, and it runs in the family, Italians cannot talk without their hands.
We love you soooo much!
Zia Tony and Zio Judy

Jacque said...

Hi Jen! I loved watching your interview - and I think your hands added a lot of charm - imagine if you had sat with your hands folded in your lap, you'd have looked like a.... librarian???

Love you, miss you and David and really miss the boys...

XOXOX - Aunt Suzie