Friday, February 29, 2008

happy leap day... year... day?!

whatever it is, happy february 29, 2008!
did you know i was born on a leap year... way back in 1972... i was. lucky for me, we get to celebrate me every february 14, not just every four years!

this leap year-day, we are out of school for parent-teacher conferences and the sun is lurking behind the clouds... it may come out and melt more of our snow!!

tomorrow, we're going to pocatello for a swim meet... so send us fast thoughts!!
this morning, jackson told me, "mom, i can't wait for the snow to melt just a little so i can play soccer because, you know, that's my first sport." his dad will be pleased to hear that. i also know that he' very excited for baseball to start right after soccer... this year, i've done the research and know that we're NOT playing on the league that has games at 9 in the morning! what kind of slacker mom doesn't check these things out? oh, yeah, that would be the same slacker mom who didn't make it to one of those said 9am games...
ryan's new ideology is that he's a man... or he is the man... whatever it is, this is what we hear it 40-eleven times a day. just for example:
over a supper of tacos--our favorite
ryan: where's the tabasco?
dave: (shaking the bottle tabasaco on his food) i've got it...
me: why ryan? do you need some?
ryan: yes.
dave: are you sure?
ryan: (cocking his eyebrow) yeah! i'm a man!
me: oh, yeah?
ryan: yeah (dripping with sarcasm, as he lets one drop of mr. mcilhenny's cautiously slip out)
we all wait as he wraps up his taco, and takes his first bite...
ryan: oh yeah--now, that's good!

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scribbler said...

I think we all have to be a little psycho to be doing this at all. :) Saw your "one book" entry and thought you might be interested in this post from my other blog. Have a great one!