Friday, August 14, 2009

i'm so behind...

the boys went to sleep-away camp in july for the first time...
camp perkins is named for lake perkins, and i'm the proud parent of "polar" and "grizzly" bears, which means they had to get into the lake at night stay in the cold mountain lake and do bobs (griz) and then also go in the icy morning water of the same mountain lake (polar) and do more bobs!


they both were very excited to go... not one teary eye from any of us!


the boys of cabin #8

"nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest, camp perkins is a place where the Holy Spirit is at work. within this setting of pristine mountain lakes, babbling creeks and inspiring ridges of granite peaks you will find the comfort of our facilities, the excellence of our programs, the exciting recreation of the lakes and meadows and a friendly staff of people committed to sharing the Word of God" and world-class fly-fishing...
dave had a great day of fishing, after we dropped the boys off, and before the storms came rolling over the mountains... i read.

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