Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i {heart} my dad

my dad is awesome.

back in the day, i came home from somewhere and the house was all dark. my mom met me at the door and said, "don't go downstairs yet." being a ME and a tweener, i probably whined and fussed until my dad yelled up the stairs that we could come down.

so my mom grabbed me, and together we walked downstairs. it was dark with the exception of the glow of the tv, and then there was the vision of the beginning of michael jackson's thriller video! at the time, MTV was only showing the abridged version--not the whole 14 minutes, which included the scene of the werewolf movie. so you can imagine my confusion over why we were seeing the whole thing, and just at that minute...

but wait! what was that shiny silver box on top of the tv?

my parents had just bought a betamax and the first video they bought was "the making of thriller." then they schemed a plan to have it queued up as a surprise for me. this is how i grew up... mysterious car rides that always ended up at a dairy queen; the ruse of having errands to run, only to go to the garage to see my first car... and now, he's doing it for my kids with the whole disneyland trip...

did i mention, he's awesome?!

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Rhonda said...

I agree - he is awesome - even after all these years!