Sunday, October 19, 2008

well, it's not so good today...

since dave left on tuesday, i have been very well occupied -- why i didn't say "busy" versus "occupied"? i have been noticing that when i (or other people) say that i'm busy, it is preceding why i haven't done something or it's an excuse for my poor behavior? i've cut it from my vocabulary because i never want anyone to feel like i'm too busy for them again. enough said. i'm cranky... which is the point i'm trying to make here

okay, oh, so i'm cranky because dave left us for this new job stint in sunny burbank, california, and we've been going thru life, you know we go to school/work,

soccer games,

going out for pizza and arby's, field trips, harvest carnivals at school, football games (GOOD JOB, TRAVIS!)

and movies. we are going, going, going we haven't had time to really miss him... too much. but today, i only had to go teach dave's sunday school class--isn't he an amazing man? he teaches sunday school at our church... i can't stand the little monsters, and he just does it because he knows it's the right thing to do. and by little monsters, i mean my boys who were so squirrely this morning i was about to smack them both.

again, focus... so we went to sunday school, church and wal-mart for groceries and that was it. nothing else. no other distractions. i actually lost it in church, because dave has such a great voice when he sings, i can comfortably know that no one else can hear my dead bird's warbly singing, well maybe except for God. so here i am crying at church because poor me... my husband has got a nice new, very well-paying job and here i sit having a pity party when there are worse things in the world... people don't have jobs. people can't feed their kids. people are losing bits and pieces of their lives because of the onset of the recession. i don't want to be a whiner.

but i am having a pity party... i ate my pita/egg salad lunch (good for weight watcher points--i'm going to lose weight while he's gone. he can come home to a skinny wife) and promptly gave the clicker to jackson, curled up in a blanket and slept for most of the afternoon. then i watched the shows on the dvr, trying to free up space for more spiderman, spongebob and phineas and ferb episodes... and erasing all proof that i'm addicted to the GND. i have laundry to do--i bought socks at wal-mart so i didn't have to wash them, however. i have a ridiculously hard reference question exercise due for school tomorrow... who the hell is Gustavo Adolfo Býcquer? plus, i need to cook something (a few somethings) that will last us thru the week--dave usually cooks dinner! he's so awesome! and here i sit well past 10 blogging about what?

i remember when we were in college, and the soccer season was over... we got so drunk for a whole weekend, i usually missed school on monday. and the last year dave played--oh, yeah, it wasn't me playing anything organized. always dave, the team player... God, he's so great! anyway (again) that last year, we're driving around in his jeep with the radio blaring and with far more people than there were seatbelts. there were people piled on people, and we were all very drunkly singing/screaming the words to that proclaimer's song, 500 miles... and at one point those dorky looking bespectacled scots sing, And if I grow old well I know I'm gonna beI'm gonna be the man who's growing old with you, dave turned to me and winked.

this is the link to where the video should have been, but i got pissed off trying to figure it out, so click here...

and so here we are, quietly growing older together. there will be much more traveling in our future and it sucks... but until he comes home to us swimming starts, there are Halloween costumes to make--a scarecrow and a skeleton, other harvest carnivals to go to, various playdates, picking pumpkins, carving pumpkins, homework for everyone, library work, laundry to do, dinners to make, PTO meetings, bottles of wine to drink with friends and (thankfully) little boys to love...

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