Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the season is almost over!

i can't believe that the season is almost over, and i haven't posted any pictures of my guys playing soccer! what kind of soccer mom am i?

well, obviously, i didn't get a picture of ryan playing tonight either--
the yellow dragons lost... again.

but here he is next to our cluttered countertop (with just a few of the fruitflies from the peaches buzzing around--how gross!) explaining to me how thistalman battles his foes.
and who is this thistlalman?
he's a new character is ryan's ever growing comic book empire. it appears that thistalman is strong in his powers and able to swoop in and take care of evil-doers (see the picture of ryan demonstrating the "swooping"). in addition to said thistalman and his band of battling creatures, we have a whole book about the adventures of moose man and beaver boy. and that's dedicated to me... his "moose" momma! i'm so proud!

tomorrow is jacks 2nd to last game...
hopefully, we'll get to see him in action!

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