Monday, March 10, 2008

some things never change...

when he was three, we had a train party for jackson.

he still has the wooden tracks that all of his family and friends wrote birthday wishes on, and he played with them regularly right up until this last Christmas... that's when Santa brought his Lego train set that is powered, lights up and makes noise! very cool... and it's been pretty sweet to see our avid train boy reappear.

his Nana & Papa sent him more track that came with a switch for his birthday... which he has already opened. i love to open presents, so it's hard for me to make him wait!

and today--he stayed home from school--he was playing with it for most of the day. now you're asking me, "why did jackson stay home from school today?"

well, he had a fever this morning. i can't be sure of the cause of the fever... could he have a little cold? maybe. could he be fighting an infection from this:

saturday night we were at our friends' house--casa smith-ibagian--and jacks comes screaming up the stairs that he's been injured. no other information than "i fell off the coffee table." we cleaned it up, and hopefully we learned a lesson. today, new information has surfaced: he was playing rock band and dancing on the table when he fell off the said table. and sadly, sadly, sadly... he comes from a long line of table dancers. right, Nana?!

dear jackson, i'm sorry that when you God made you, He gave you some of these weird idiosyncrasies from me and your Nana, but they will make you a very interesting person!
love, Mom

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