Wednesday, March 12, 2008

remember when...

have you ever had fish and chips at the crane river brew pub in lincoln, nebraska? i did, once...

on march 12, 1998... it didn't sit well with me, so i left work early to take a nap. after the best sleep i had had in about 5 months, i woke with a start... what was that? my water broke? are you crazy... i was only 36 weeks! this baby needs to cook for at least another couple weeks!

so i did what anyone in denial would do... i called my mom--in colorado. she's telling me that i really should be talking to my DOCTOR, and not her. in the end, dave speeds us over to the hospital, and at 4:16am on march 13... Jackson Henry Hentzen was born!

since he was early, he had all kinds of tubes and machines tied on him. he spent a little more than a week in the NICU. but he came home to us, and i think we held on to him for at least the next 14 months, when ryan came along!

when i took the majority of jackson's pictures, i didn't have the dig-cam. so sorry about the bad reproduction and scanned scrapbook pages... i've got to get caught up with the technology!

so, in about 6 hours, our boy will be 10... where did the time go? i don't know about the time, but i do know this, God has truly blessed us with a wonderful child who makes us laugh, who likes to challenge us, and who we love dearly.

Happy Birthday, Jack-inator!

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