Tuesday, October 25, 2011

seventh grade...

i could complain about his big feet needing new size 8 sneakers and how his face is changing... and i could make a little fun of the crack in his voice

or i could mourn the little green "jackson" l.l. bean backpack being replaced with a new "teen-sized" l.l.bean backpack--no monogramming, of course

i could drive him to school and deprive him the new bus route and new bus driver and all of the new kids

i could freak out that he's got a new sense of independence that is stemming from all sorts of new junior high experiences

but i choose to be happy in the blessings that he comes home from school every day with a smile, telling me that "today was just a good day all around, mom."

thankfully, we never had to endure the "terrible twos," and with much optimism, we see his teenage years bringing us as much joy as he always has brought to our lives...  

his brother on the other hand... hee hee

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SusanC said...

Hi Jenniffer

You haven't blogged in a while. Hope everything's going well with you and yours and hope to hear from you soon. :)

Take care