Monday, May 3, 2010

perfect afternoon

spring in idaho is a fickled thing
sun, snow, rain and lots {lots} of wind

but yesterday was good...
today, my friend and i were talking about the behavior patterns from 2, 3 and 4 year olds that repeat themselves in tweens/early teens. and i said {maybe annoying my dear friend} that i was lucky because we never had the terrible twos or threes.

they have always been really fun to be around--most of the time. and i know that they are starting to stretch their wings and pushing for independence, but the thing is that although the guys have been going to this park for most of their lives (on visits even before we lived here), they still love coming to park on sunday afternoons... even with us. i can only pray they grow into young men who are as sweet as the toddlers they once were.

i'm kinda hoping that the behavior of giving mom hugs and kisses starts repeating itself too!

(oh, snap, now i'm crying...)


Meghan said...

not annoyed. i love the ups and downs...and you're right they are so darn cute at this age. xoxo

the hentzen house said...

especially SP&B... i can't wait to see them!

SusanC said...

I find I only get the hugs on a rare occasion now. I may forget about the kisses - just aren't going to happen. But, it's great to see them grow up all the same

I tagged you over at my blog, btw.

the hentzen house said...

susanc... thanks for the tag!!