Wednesday, March 10, 2010


so as Lutherans, we're not required to give up anything for lent, but i do... maybe it's my inner-roman-catholic trying to escape, i don't know for sure.

dave gave up adding sugar to his coffee. it might not sound like much, but 1/4cup of sugar a day has made a difference to how much sugar i have to buy each month.

i gave up cheese... i love, love, love cheese! all cheeses... it's been hard because i eat cheese on everything, but i've noticed what not eating cheese is doing to the scales at weight watchers on friday mornings! good things!!

jackson, well, he's confident in the fact that Jesus suffered enough on the cross to save him from his sins, he didn't feel the need to give up anything.

and ryan... oh, ryan... after his brother pummeled him {again} for some smart-aleck and/or biting remark, ryan decided he'd be nice to jackson for lent. it's an admirable quest, but i heard he also got his face pushed into a fence for sneaking his brother's pringles the other day...

* * * * *

last night, we're playing a game of cadoo and ryan isn't winning--he hates not to win.

in some major winning moment, i guess dave's cameo, and ryan utters "cheeses"
jackson looks at me in horror...
dave is looking at ryan in disdain...
then it dawned on me what he actually said... Jesus.

i'm jonesin' for cheese so hard, i missed that my precious baby took the Lord's name in vain!

Easter is in 25 days... thank GOD!

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Alyce said...

That is too funny! I love cheese, but I've given it up for diets before, so I know your pain. If somebody asked me to give up sugar though... that would be a tough one. You know there's sugar in chocolate. So maybe it would be more appropriate to say "If someone asked me to give up chocolate..." :)