Wednesday, July 9, 2008

go fishing or do WHAT?!

given the option of wetting a line or staying at home to fix the leaky sinks or kill the gazillion of ants that took up residency while we were in california, dave usually opts for the fishing. but i had to play the working mother/student card, and begged him to stay home for a few home tasks, annoyingly known as honey-do's.

while i was pleading my case--namely, hiring someone to come and totally clean out the 'fridge and mop all of my hard woods--dave said something about the unfairness of life because he had to choose honey-do's over fishing.

and here comes the point, or what we like to call ryanisms

ryan: (his head looking at me then at dave, and then back to me) you're not talking about honeydew melons are you?

me: no

ryan: (he smirks and looks at dave) you're her honey and she's got stuff to for you to do, huh?

dave: yeah, stuff that interferes with my fishin'

ryan: (nodding his head knowingly) i was wondering about that "honey-do" thing for a long time, and now it makes sense

he's so pensive about things like that. he's our thinker, and jackson is our do-er... aren't we blessed?

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